Mac mini Models

If you are looking for the best country to buy Mac mini, here are all the prices worldwide, sorted by cheapest to expensive, which currently available to be purchased on Apple Store and Online Store. The prices has been calculated as estimation for tax refunds or applicable Sales Tax when you buy as a tourist, depending on your nationality. It was released over 1 year ago and currently have two different models, which are 3.0GHz i5 512GB and 3.6GHz i3 256GB.

1🇯🇵 Japan

10% VAT -10%

134,922 د.ج


2🇹🇭 Thailand

7% VAT -7%

146,029 د.ج136,476 د.ج


3🇸🇬 Singapore

7% GST -5%

145,821 د.ج138,598 د.ج


4🇲🇾 Malaysia

No tax data

140,127 د.ج


5🇰🇷 KOR

10% VAT -10%

155,266 د.ج141,150 د.ج


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1🇹🇭 Thailand

7% VAT -7%

104,777 د.ج97,923 د.ج


2🇯🇵 Japan

10% VAT -10%

99,039 د.ج


3🇸🇬 Singapore

7% GST -5%

105,186 د.ج99,975 د.ج


4🇰🇷 KOR

10% VAT -10%

112,135 د.ج101,942 د.ج


5🇭🇰 Hong Kong

No tax data

103,053 د.ج


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